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“Before working with Chris Stine, the owner of Chris’ Convenient Dry Cleaning Service, I was trying to find time in my very busy schedule to drop items off at the dry cleaners and pick them up again. I found I was putting off getting alterations done because I didn’t have time to get to a tailor during their business hours. I was stuck on a merry-go-round with no way off. After looking around for a short time, I found Chris’ service. After our first interview meeting, I liked Chris because of her values and responsiveness to my needs. I gave her a key to my home and she picks up and drops off my dry cleaning all in the same week. She even sends me an email reminder each week of when she is going to stop by. When I need alterations I schedule a time and place that is convenient for me and she comes to me (work or home, any time of the day) to do the pinning and measuring. I love working with Chris and trust her with my clothes and a key to my home. She saves me so much time and energy. The results are impeccable, high quality, and 100% guaranteed. She also does so much more with shoe repair pickups, an expert in problem solving…just ask her! Her personalized service is invaluable to me. For stress-free mobile dry cleaning and alterations, I definitely recommend calling Chris!”

schlattert–Tegan Schlatter, Attorney

“I have known and worked with Chris for years, about 11 I believe, although Chris might know the dates better than I do. I have used Chris’ services for everything from having my wedding dress cleaned and pressed, to my weekly dry cleaning and alterations – and everything has been great, even perfect – satisfaction with all her services. I do highly recommend that you try her!”

Joani Pepper–Joani Pepper
“Just wanted to say that all of the alterations were just PERFECT! I can’t seem to thank you enough!!!” – Tammy Fischer

“Chris is very detail-oriented, always so easy to work with, and extremely reliable. I have used her services for several years for my dry cleaning needs, alterations, shoe repair, and lots of other miscellaneous projects.   I have recommended her to my co-workers as well.  The results are always impeccable and she has the most timely service. I have recommended her to many friends and families and will continue to recommend her.” – Beverly Michaelis

“I highly recommend Chris for all of your dry cleaning services. She makes it a point to give you great results and knows how important quality and time is for her customers. I’ve had the pleasure of using her services for a number of years now and hope you do to.” – Chris Durano

“What a wonderful service for anyone busy with the other responsibilities in life. Chris’s Convenient Dry Cleaning service comes by our office every other week for a pick up bag of our dry cleaning. Everything is delivered fresh 48 hours later. NEVER late, always on time. I have recommended her services to other people who have also experienced her valuable service and had the same results. Try Convenient Dry Cleaning – you won’t be steered wrong!” – Sandi Hess

“I have used Chris’ services for dry cleaning and mending (repairing rips in clothing, sewing on buttons, etc.) for several years now. I’ve always been satisfied with the prompt service and low cost Chris offers, and would heartily recommend her to anyone who needs dry cleaning done promptly, and at a very good price. I love the fact that she picks up and delivers. In today’s busy world, that’s a great value adding to her service!” – Doug Everett

“Chris provides excellent customer service and always goes above and beyond to do the right thing for internal customers as well as with her dry cleaning clients. She cares about her customers and demonstrates excellent attention to detail in handling issues and making sure things are addressed and resolved effectively. I highly recommend Chris Stine as both a former internal customer and a current dry cleaning customer.” – Tammy Wheeler

“In addition to doing a fine job on dry cleaning, Chris picks up and delivers right to my office. This extra measure of service saves me a lot of time and puts a smile on my face every time. Thanks, Chris!” – Peggy Dorf

“Chris has been taking care of us for many years and you couldn’t ask for a better deal or service. Chris is a lot more than just a dry cleaning service person, she is a business owner and knows a lot about how to survive in this new economy. I would recommend Chris for anything that has to do with a business. And if you are just looking for a dry cleaning service that takes care of you as much as your clothes – call Chris.” – James Wurscher

“I cannot say enough great things about the service that Chris provides. She is prompt, does an outstanding job with my dry cleaning and charges a very reasonable rate. And, you absolutely cannot beat the pick-up and delivery option she offers. There is no more convenient way to take care of your dry cleaning! Give Chris a call today!” – Jeff Clinkscales

“Chris performs a valuable service if you have clothing that requires dry cleaning. She’ll come to you at home or the office to pick it up and will deliver it back cleaned and pressed. I’ve used her for the last five years plus and she always does a great job. Thank you Chris!” – Carol Flanagan

“I have been working with Chris for more than four years now. I am impressed with her quick response time, attention to detail and excellent service. Her prices are great and she goes the extra mile to help out with requests from repairs to stains. Her service is very convenient since she delivers to my office. I am loyal to her and I highly recommend her service.” “– Paula Johnston

“Chris’ personalized service has helped me many times! She meets me at a mutual client, drops my clothes off for me to pick up at my convenience and bills me via email. It doesn’t get any better than this. Chris has done alterations for me on clothing, a leather purse (still holding!), as well as dry cleaning. Her work is always impeccable. Thanks, Chris!” – Megan Bowes

“Chris’ Convenient Dry Cleaning Delivery Services is awesome. I no longer have to park my car and walk into the dry cleaners. I stick my clothes in a bag, leave the bag out front, and call. They pick up and drop off my dry cleaning within 2 days. All for a very reasonable price. This service is very reliable and top quality. I continue to use this service.” – Matthew Kaplan

“I have been using Chris’ Convenient Dry Cleaning for a while now. In today’s fast-paced business world, I love the great, friendly customer service and the fact that she comes to me. Chris’ fast service brings my clothes back crisp, clean, and looking sharp. I highly recommend Chris’ Convenient Dry Cleaning Service.” -- Mike Bocanegra, VP of Operations.  (To learn more about Mike and his business, check out his website here)MyBinding.com

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