Dry Cleaning Delivery is “Life Sourcing”

Terri : December 11, 2014 1:19 am : Tips and Tricks

In 2014, Dry Cleaning Delivery Service was listed as “One of the Top 10 Life Sourcing Tips To Save Time and Money” in several business publications and media outlets.

Entrepreneur Magazine

NPR Radio

Business Week

Janine Mine of Oursource Your Life Magazine listed Dry Cleaning as one of the best ways to recoup time for busy professionals.

“I’ve hired people to deliver my nutritionally perfect meals, do the washing up, pick up the dry cleaning, sort out my bills, assemble a flat-pack and of course write this feature for me. This has allowed me time to concentrate on my core activities.”

Contact Chris and find out how Dry Cleaning Delivery will keep you looking great with extra time to run your business or get your job done!

Serving the Portland Metro Area (PDX) with a smile, trust Chris Stine with all your dry cleaning and alteration needs.

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About Our Services

Terri : May 5, 2014 4:23 am : From our Newsletter

Thank you for clicking here from our newsletter.  Here is the rest of the information….

Once you finish reading this article, visit our website and take a look around!


On-site Cleaning for More Reliable Service:

 We do all of our dry cleaning on site

Free Pick-up and Delivery Services:

One of the most painful things about dry cleaning your clothing properly is the pick-up and delivery.  We make it easy by offering you a Free Dry Cleaning Valet Service – For customers within our service area, our twice –a-week pick-up and delivery service comes directly to your door.

Individualized Attention for Every Garment:

  • Our dry cleaner focuses on quality.  Your garment receives individual attention from the inspection of each garment, to on-the-spot minor repairs, your clothes will receive.
  • ·         Rigorous garment inspection before and after they are cleaned
  • ·         Special “Pre-Spotting” stain removal, collar treatment
  • ·         GUARENTEED inspection for and replacement of – missing and cracked buttons (however if we miss one just let us know and we will have it fixed right away)
  • ·         FREE minor repairs to clothing

Hand Pressing:

Every Item of clothing that we dry clean is “hand finished”, meaning they’re hand-pressed or individually-steamed.  Special buttons on a Dress Shirt, we may decide to hand press it because of those special buttons instead of just using the laundry method.  The result is a noticeably higher-quality, smooth finish and crisper creases.  It takes us longer, but the results are worth it if you want to look your best.

Special Executive Shirt Service with Exclusive Add-Ins:

Our Executive Shirt Service provides specific services tailor-made for the busy executive.  For men’s laundered shirts, our approach includes exclusive add-ins which cater to the business professional such as:

  • ·         Starch preference
  • ·         Pre-treating cuffs and collars
  • ·         Do you prefer us to place your clean and pressed shirts folded rather than on hangers, we offer a special dress shirt folding service.
  • ·         Do you prefer us to hang your clothing on special hangers, we can do that at no extra charge

Beyond Dry Cleaning – Complete Repair and Alteration Service:

We also provide service above and beyond the call of duty.  From basic hems to extensive wedding gown alterations, alterations are an essential part of helping your clothes last and maintain their appearance.  We can provide all the repairs and alterations you need.

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So excited to get started with our new website!

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We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon! Have a question…we have the answers. If we don’t have it right away, we won’t stop until we find one.


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