Pickup and Delivery

Dependability delivered.
Dry cleaning delivery services have become a popular employee benefit and also a personal time saver. Whether you dry clean weekly, monthly or just once in a while, you can enjoy the convenience of having your dry cleaning picked up and dropped off directly from the office.
  • No extra charge
  • Weekly, Bi-weekly or “On Demand” services available
  • No need to be present
  • A real time and money saver!
  • Monthly credit or debit card billing
  • Sign-up!
How we do it
  • With your request, please complete the customer profile form to get you started with Laundry Bags and inventory/order forms
  • On the morning of your pickup day – leave your bag of laundry in the designated spot.
  • 2 Days Later, we return your items professionally pressed and ready in the designated time and location.
  • We offer convenient monthly billing, Debit or Visa and Mastercard, and we will always work with you to determine the best payment method for you or your business.

Dry Cleaning

Our trained professionals use the latest cleaning and finishing techniques for your “dry clean only” items. As with all of our services, quality is our first priority and concern.

Wedding Gowns

This keepsake service will protect your gown for generations. We also offer the restoration of antique gowns.

Formal Wear

These type of items require our delicate care and hand finishing.


You will enjoy our “No Broken Buttons” guarantee for pants and shirts.

Leather & Furs

We send this type of cleaning out to a professional leather, furs, and suede companies. They use the latest techniques, providing a luxurious finish so you will feel the difference!

Fine Linen Garments & Tablecloth

We’ll brighten your whites while sizing and finishing them to your specifications. We also provide restoration services for these items.

Alterations & Special Requests

Make an appointment for our experienced services that go beyond most expectations. We deliver, just ask and we will work to make it happen!

Shoe Shine & Repair Service

We are constantly searching for new ways to increase the value of our service to better serve our customers. While we are picking up your dry cleaning we will also pick up your shoes for a beautiful “shine”, or repair a sole or heel, and we deliver back to you as soon as the repair work is finished.
Take advantage of our corporate/company pickup and delivery service, saving you up to two hours a week!

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